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Bea Arthur’s gift of life to homeless LGBT Teens

The gift of our Musical is that it strives to educate families  and peers about LGBT children, and provide hope and normalization

Actress CHARITY RIES jumps onto the LUBE Bandwagon!

BIOGRAPHY OF THE GORGEOUS CHARITY RIES Lube: A Modern Love Story welcomes Actress Charity Ries to the Reading!   Ms. Ries is a triple

Developing Community Partners…First ONE!

Of course, we want to have broad community support so today I went "fishing" at the local university (too early to tell

The BIG boss called! And its a GOOD thing!

And she LOVES LUBE! Just like you! As you will recall, (because reading this blog is the single most important thing in

MEDIA-Licious The Next Step to Big Name Interview (Only two bazillion more steps to go)

Haven't forgotten about Big Name Interviewer, (Strategy is to give them an exclusive FIRST!) in the meantime: Over the weekend we upgraded our

From Quora. Aug1. Mom’s Advice.

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you? Rhonda Mitchell, Attempting for some years to perfect the practice. 330.6k Views

YAY! We have confirmed the Amazing TIM ARENDS as Pastor Baker!

#1: You LOVED him in Scene Six as The Consessionnaire! You Begged for him for The READING and NOW We've GOT HIM!

Let’s I-MEDIA-tely tell the MEDIA all about this LUBE-SPLOSION!

So it's DAY TWO of our EXPLOSION into the 'Net... and we want EVERYONE to see it!!!!!! SoOOOOoooOOOOooo, we've put together a

It’s a LUBE-SPLOSION! We’ve launched!

LUBE: A MODERN LOVE STORY has exploded into the world with our Wonderful New Website! Thanks to Mani and the simply AMAZING

Script to Broadway: ‘Lube’ A Modern Love Story

Dreams, dreams and more dreams. How can you tell someone that they are climbing an uphill mountain and may never see the