Just like you!

As you will recall, (because reading this blog is the single most important thing in YOUR life, too!) last Thursday, yours truly sent multiple emails and left multiple messages with the BIG NAME JOURNALIST we were targeting for the FIRST EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST INTERVIEW.  ‘

THEN,  Yours Truly managed to acquire THE BOSSES  number and email as well.  And called and emailed the boss to no avail.  *THHHHTTTT!!!)

Yesterday I again called the BIG NAME JOURNALIST and she actually DID answer the phone and we chatted at great length. She called the Art/Theater cover reporter and forwarded LUBE info to her.


TODAY the BOSS of Big Name Journalist  returned all of my phone calls to her from last week!  I explained LUBE A MOFRN LOVE STORY, I hooked the musical to the news stories and SHE LOVES IT AS WELL!

BOSS  asked me to RESEND the email again (do these people NEVER check their own incoming boxes?  I know they DO get lots of useless stuff BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE!!!!)  so I confirmed her em addy (and of course I DID have it correct) and INSTANTLY resent it b0th to her  AND to the main NEWS DEPARTMENT email addy.

Now, EVERYONE at BIG NAME NEWS PLACE  knows about LUBE!  And:

LUBE A MODERN LOVE STORY will be THE topic of the day at  BIG NAME NEWS, a journalist will be assigned, a timeslot given and WAHOO! We’re off to see  the wizard! This is AN EXCLUSIVE for them, so they’d better make the most of it!

NOT ONLY THAT, but I managed to have OUR playwright invited to be on the list of EXPERT RESOURCES for this news station . This means that when a news event occurs and the journalists need an expert to comment THEY’LL CALL MY BOY! (Read: More free Publicity!)

I had been feeling aggravated that we had a GREAT website, a GREAT Media Kit and NO ONE WAS LISTENING!

However, since I only started last Thurday, and today is Tuesday and  I’m pretty sure we’ll be setting up an interview before the end of the week ITS PRETTY GOSH DARNED WONDERFUL how quickly this is going!  Usually we have to contact media 8 to 20 times, but these people GET IT!

The more people who GET IT, the faster we get to BROADWAY!!

Stay Tuned and soon we’ll be able to tell you the name of BIG NAME STATION!

OTHER GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT:  Showed Jack how to edit this page.  Someday he’ll be here chatting with  you, too!  But don’t hold your breath, he’s busy editing the music so its ready FOR THE SHOW!   We still have to hire people to sing it, record it, play it!  AND we have to audition half a dozen more folks for the reading!  OMG where are we going to get the time???? AND we need to get Sponsors on board:  THE READING IS OCT 1st!

Lube-Running and OUT!