YAY! We have confirmed the Amazing TIM ARENDS as Pastor Baker!

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#1: You LOVED him in Scene Six as The Consessionnaire! You Begged for him for The READING and NOW We've GOT HIM! In fact, he's already asking that we re-write the music "The high note

Let’s I-MEDIA-tely tell the MEDIA all about this LUBE-SPLOSION!

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So it's DAY TWO of our EXPLOSION into the 'Net... and we want EVERYONE to see it!!!!!! SoOOOOoooOOOOooo, we've put together a fabulous MEDIA KIT. It's got photos, its got critiques, it's got links to

It’s a LUBE-SPLOSION! We’ve launched!

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LUBE: A MODERN LOVE STORY has exploded into the world with our Wonderful New Website! Thanks to Mani and the simply AMAZING Team at cWeb Consultants for your creative, technical and sympathetic skills, lol. NOW,


Script to Broadway: ‘Lube’ A Modern Love Story

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Dreams, dreams and more dreams. How can you tell someone that they are climbing an uphill mountain and may never see the other side? Do you tell them that or do you catch a ride