Of course, we want to have broad community support so today I went “fishing” at the local university (too early to tell you which one!) and chatted with the Student Organization in this particular field:  and YAAY!  THEY*ARE* very interested!

So I sent the  LUBE MEDIA KIT over to the fellow running the group, with the promise of a follow-up letter outlining our COLLEGE COMMUNITY PARTNER PROGRAMME CCPP and offer the students the opportunity to participate!

Ummmm… so now I have to create a CCPP  and jobs for the students, lol,  Oh dear, what’s the difference between Colleges and Universities again?  May have to also create a UCPP.

Have my work cut out for me tonight!

BUT, I am also creating LONG RANGE STRATEGY of contacting ALL of the Student Organizations in this field across the US so they can Periscope In for our Reading!  And I am sure I will be able to come up with a bazillion ways in which they can participate online, too.

ALSO, have to acquire training on WordPress to make up date.  WHO designed this thing, anyway?  Was English their first language?  What the heck do they mean by “Fusio Slider”” Elastic Slider” “Permalink” Nope, it is very apparent that English was NOT their first language.

Andy WHY do all of these images upload in GIANT sizes???

RUNNING to research other CCPP’;  no sleep for the busy!