So it’s DAY TWO of our EXPLOSION into the ‘Net… and we want EVERYONE to see it!!!!!!

SoOOOOoooOOOOooo, we’ve put together a fabulous MEDIA KIT. It’s got photos, its got critiques, it’s got links to our LUBE MUSIC VIDEOS, a link to our SCENE 6 acting in a real TV studio, its got a realllllllyyyyyyy looooong (Read: Unedited) “7 Questions to the Playwright” (Read: Never use a sentence when a paragraph will do) SPLASHES! It’s got cool PROMO TEASERS for TV and Radio interviews.. It’s got not one but TWO Media Releases! (One short and one long. Some of the fans have attention deficit.) Remember when we used to call those PRESS RELEASES in the OLDEN days?

Jack and I worked together on it and I have to say that ANY NYC Giant Advertising and PR group would be PROUD to have produced this gorgeous LUBE MEDIA KIT. Of course its all online, but I’d love to see it in a faux-leopard-skin-cover and binding on high-gloss heavy-weight paper with a 3-D FULL COLOR tube of LUBE on the cover. It’s GLAMOUR, BABY! That’s what LUBE is all about!

Now we’ve tailored our LUBE MEDIA KIT specifically to one particular news person for an EXCLUSIVE interview… I discover that I misspelled her name O. M. G.!!!!!! It’s only one letter but, O. M. G!!! That could be the difference between, say, the word HIT and the four letter version beginning with “S”. O. M. G!

Thank Cheeses that the discovery came moments BEFORE we hit that SEND button.
FUN FACT: If you read everything one last time BEFORE you hit send, your embarrassment factor decreases by at LEAST 50%!

Other excitement today: The website suddenly lost six important links for no apparent reason. If anyone wants to CONTACT us, you’ll have to use carrier pigeon, ‘cuz that link has gone the way of the Dodo bird. QUICK! Emergency Email to cWebConsultants. They’ll have it fixed as soon as they come into the office in the morning. Bless their furry little ‘bot hearts. Of course, THEIR office is in INDIA and its 12 hours ahead of us. Or behind us Or around us. Or in some temporal mismatch on the other side of a black hole.

Whatever, they’ll take care of it. I am SO glad I hired professionals for the website. I just hope they have air conditioning there. Chapatti. Now I’m hungry for Indian food.

STAY TUNED TOMORROW and find out if this BIG NAME person from a BIG NAME station has the vision to jump on the LUBE TRAIN TO BROADWAY and schedule an EXCLUSIVE interview with our playwright. (And who had better LOVE our Media Kit.) Or, if I have to egg her house.