Haven’t forgotten about Big Name Interviewer, (Strategy is to give them an exclusive FIRST!) in the meantime:

Over the weekend we upgraded our LUBE MEDIA KIT with a page of SOLID REFERENCES.  This way, a responsible reporter wanting to do deep background reading will have it all at his/her fingertips.

And the Media Kit is even more beautiful than ever!  So I googled  LGBT blogs, read through them, sussed out the contact info, wrote three personalized approach letters and sent them to the principals.  WHEW!

This morning, I *AGAIN* called Big Name Intervieweer at Big Name Station…and she picked up the phone!!! YAAY!
Great chat, she loves the whole thing, but she focuses on serious news and they wont let her into an arts-type story.


BUT, she offered to PERSONALLY forward our letter and media kit to not one but TWO of her colleagues, with her PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION and make a phone call on our behalf!







It’s five minutes and of course they haven’t call me yet.  (Why don’t these people realize they should be at my beck and call at all moments of the day and night?  I work 24/7, why don’t they?)

OK, I will wait 24 hours and start the phone attack on her referrals, B&N tomorrow morning .

I never give up. I never forget.  I never go away!

Meanwhile, I’ll spend a couple of hours, research until I find three more appropriate blogs, and repeat yesterdays exercise.

Oh  yes, and there’s a lgbt lawyer in town involved in progressive issues and has received local awards and recognitions, I’ll give him a call and get him on board, too!

Lubey-Baby OUT!