Dreams, dreams and more dreams. How can you tell someone that they are climbing an uphill mountain and may never see the other side? Do you tell them that or do you catch a ride on their magic carpet and fly with them? We all have dreams that are public or very private deep in our heart. Many involve the entertainment industry in one way or another. So many flock to Hollywood for show business and New York is where you want to be for respect and theatre. Novelist, Jack Turner, is setting out on a mission to bring his musical ‘Lube’ A Modern Love Story www.lubemusical.com to the bright lights of Broadway. Yes, this is entertainment but it has heart. He is on a mission as a gay man himself to bring positive role models to gay youth and tell them that you can live happily ever after.

Q: You are a Sci-fi Novelist. Why did you switch to musical theater and how hard is it to write a play?

Well, I don’t know if it’s fair to call me a Sci-Fi Novelist. Of the five books I’ve published thus far, only four have been science fiction. The other is a non-fiction book that helps authors learn how to use and leverage Microsoft Word in their writings. I write books under the nom de plume of J. Carlysle Ramsey since I wasn’t sure how well received a sci-fi publisher would be when trying to get a Broadway-style musical staged.

You also asked how hard it is to write a play. Both of the plays that I’ve written are musicals, and I approached them both in sort of the same way – the music. There are some differences. For Wisteria, Faith provided a basic outline of the script, so I thought about the various exposition moments I would need and came up with song titles that would fit the bill. Then I wrote the lyrics to support the songs. Once the lyrics were done, I assembled the songs into a logical sequence, much as I envisioned them being when I came up with the names of the songs. I wrote the shell of the book around the lyrics, and then back-filled spots within the book where I thought new songs were needed. I probably wrote more songs that I needed, but it’s always easier to leave a song out than to write a new one. How hard was it? It was a lot of work, but all I can say that the relative level of difficulty is based, in part, on how well one writes. I think I write pretty well, so it took a while, but it wasn’t exorbitantly challenging.