#1: You LOVED him in Scene Six as The Consessionnaire!
You Begged for him for The READING and NOW We’ve GOT HIM!

In fact, he’s already asking that we re-write the music “The high note right now is a G.. and mine is an E-flat…. that’s 2 full steps lower.”

BUT WE LOVE HIM!! This fine actor is very charismatic – I look for him to start stealing scenes already, and the show’s not for two months yet. You want E-Flat, Tim? We will move the whole darned piano for you if that’s what you want, darling!


Here’s more about this extraordinary actor:

Actor, Director, and Playwright Tim Arends has been active in theatre for 38 years.  A Veteran of the US Air Force, Tim has performed in England, Germany, France, as well as throughout his home state of California.

Tim Arends has been active in the theater for 38 years.  It started in a Middle School Production of Damn Yankees in 1978.  Since then he has appeared in musicals as the Rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof, Mr. Brownlow in Oliver, Tom in Oklahoma, Dr. Finsdale in Lil’ Abner, Charlie Cowell (understudying Harold Hill) in The Music Man, Don in A Chorus Line, and The Major General in The Pirates of Penzance,   Non-musical performances include:  Paul in Barefoot in the Park, Mickey/Lucius in Greetings, Uncle Chris in I Remember Mama, Leslie in Love, Sex, and the IRS, Eddie in Lost in Yonkers, Noah in The Rainmaker, & Father in The Best Christmas Pageant Eve

Serge, indulging his penchant for modern art, buys a large, expensive, completely white painting

Serge is proud of his 200,000 franc acquisition, fully expecting the approval of his friends.

r.  A veteran of the US Air Force, Tim was part of the casts of the USAFE Best Play two years in a row for his roles as Victor in Barefoot in the Park, and Tony in Footlight Frenzy, and the USAEUR nominated Best Play Gaslight as Inspector Rough.  In 1990, Tim toured with the USAFE Showcase, a song and dance show that performed on military bases across Europe.  Tim was the first American to join the British theater company The Marlow Players, in Marlow-on-Thames, England, and originated the roles of the Mayor and Gaoler in their original production of A Dickens of an Evening.  He continued in those roles when the show played in France.  He played Petey Johns in the short film Chasing the Limelight, a spoof of Project Greenlight.  Tim is the current President of the Mira Mesa Theatre Guild, and has been seen in their productions of Greater Tuna, and more recently as Serge in Art.


Congratulations to Jack for getting Tim Ahrends to sign that contract! Woot-Woot!


NUMBER TWO: Now, you all want to know, have we heard from Big Name Interviewer at Big Name Station in reply to my email yet?


So, of course, I followed up with several phone calls.
All to her answering machine. .

Not to be discouraged from getting my answer IMMEDIATELY, I THEN spent a half an hour and managed to acquire the personal ph# to her boss! (YAAY!)
And that’s an answering machine too. All three times. (Boo boo booooo)

Doesn’t ANYONE answer their phones anymore???!!!!!
– Insert Cheesy Swear Words here –

So this weekend I will be watching local news for a replacement interviewer. If I don’t hear from Big Name person by 9 am Tuesday, I’m withdrawing the exclusive offer. After that, when she REALLY REALLY wants us, she’d better be on her hands and knees and carrying a big cheque to donate to my Flavorite Charity!

Meanwhile, posting on our FB page and to our wonderful FB sister-groups.
Where are the LGBT blogs???? Surely THEY would LOVE to be all over a LGBT MUSICAL!

Lubalishious OUT!